Windows Server 2019 – Azure Network Adapter

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In the event that you have an on-premise server that you need to quickly connect to your Azure environment (and you don’t already have a permanent connection established between your physical and Azure sites), there is a brand new hybrid cloud capability called Azure Network Adapter. In order to use one of these new network adapters, you must be utilizing the new Windows Admin Center to manage your servers.

Using Windows Admin Center, you can quickly add an Azure Network Adapter to an on-premise server, which connects it straight into your Azure network using a Point-to-Site VPN connection. Cool!

Even better, this capability has been back-ported so that you can add one of these adapters not only to Server 2019 machines, but also to Server 2016 and Server 2012 R2 machines as well.

To make this happen, there are a few requires that need to be in place: you must have an active Azure subscription, and you need to have at least one Azure Virtual Network configured.

Next, you need to register your Windows Admin Center with Azure. This is accomplished by opening up Windows Admin Center and visiting Settings. Once inside, navigate to GATEWAY | Azure and walk through the registration process:

Now that your WAC is registered with Azure, open up the server that you are managing from inside WAC and head over to the Network section. You will see listed here any NICs that are present on your server, and near the top of the window is a drop-down box for Actions. Inside, click on Add Azure Network Adapter.

You will find that all of the values that Azure needs in order to make this connection are auto-populated for you, based on your Azure network and subscription. If you don’t already have an Azure Virtual Network, this wizard can even create one for you. You also get the opportunity to specify your own certificate for authenticating this connection, and doing so would be a good practice if you plan for this to be a long-term connection to Azure; otherwise, you can proceed without any input by allowing WAC/Azure to generate a self-signed certificate and simply click on the Create button.¬†Windows Admin Center will go ahead and create a connection between your on-premise server and the Azure virtual network. That was only a couple of mouse clicks! This is an ingenious way of creating ad hoc connections between your servers and Azure very quickly and without complications.

If you later need to disconnect this server from the Azure network, you can open up Network Connections on that on-premise server, just like you would when trying to modify NIC properties on your server, and you will find that what WAC has done under the hood is configure a Point-to-Site VPN connection, which is listed inside Network Connections. You can simply right-click on that Azure VPN connection, and disconnect it.

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