Windows Server 2016 – Learning the Interface

Initial Server Setup with CentOS 8

In an effort to become familiar with the look and feel of Windows Server 2016, you will learn how to navigate through some daily tasks using the graphical interface. On our agenda in this chapter are the following recipes:

  • Shutting down or restarting the server
  • Launching Administrative Tools
  • Using WinKey + X for quick admin tasks
  • Using the search function to launch applications quickly
  • Managing remote servers from a single pane with Server Manager
  • Using PowerShell to accomplish any function in Windows Server
  • Installing a role or feature
  • Administering Server 2016 from a Windows 10 machine
  • Identifying useful keyboard shortcuts in Server 2016
  • Setting your PowerShell Execution Policy
  • Building and executing your first PowerShell script
  • Searching for PowerShell cmdlets with Get-Help

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