Windows Server 2016 – Group Policy

Docker Compose Tutorial for Beginners

In this book, we have already discussed a few recipes that call for the modification of Group Policy Objects (GPOs), but we have not taken the time to discuss why Group Policy is important in the first place. To those who have worked within Active Directory for a while, Group Policy may be familiar territory. I still find, though, that many IT folks working in the Server Administrator role are not overly familiar with Group Policy and how it can benefit them. Particularly in smaller companies, this incredibly powerful feature of Windows tends to be overlooked. It is easy to think of Active Directory as the storage container for your user and computer accounts because those are the core necessary tasks that it accomplishes. But as soon as you install the Domain Services role to configure your first Domain Controller, you have automatically included Group Policy capabilities into that domain.

Let’s walk through some recipes together to make sure you are able to interact with Group Policy comfortably and begin to explore its underlying capabilities:

  • Creating and assigning a new Group Policy Object
  • Mapping network drives with Group Policy
  • Redirecting the My Documents folder to a network share
  • Creating a VPN connection with Group Policy
  • Creating a printer connection with Group Policy
  • Using Group Policy to enforce an Internet proxy server
  • Viewing the settings currently enabled inside a GPO
  • Viewing the GPOs currently assigned to a computer
  • Backing up and restoring GPOs
  • Plugging in ADMX and ADML templates

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