Windows Server 2016 – Core Infrastructure Tasks

How to Activate Windows Server 2019

 Windows Server 2016 has many roles and features that can be used to accomplish all sorts of different tasks in your network. This chapter reflects on the most common infrastructure tasks needed to create a successful Windows Active Directory environment by using Server 2016. In this chapter, we will cover the following recipes:

  • Configuring a combination Domain Controller, DNS server, and DHCP server
  • Adding a second Domain Controller
  • Organizing your computers with Organizational Units
  • Creating an A or AAAA record in DNS
  • Creating and using a CNAME record in DNS
  • Creating a DHCP scope to assign addresses to computers
  • Creating a DHCP reservation for a specific server or resource
  • Pre-staging a computer account in Active Directory
  • Using PowerShell to create a new Active Directory user
  • Using PowerShell to view system uptime

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