Ubuntu Server 18.04 – Using the Alternate Installer

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In the very first chapter, we worked through installing Ubuntu Server. During that chapter, we used the default installer that is downloaded from the Ubuntu website. This installer is best for most scenarios, but an alternate installer exists for specialized installations. The alternate installer allows you to set up things such as LVM and RAID, and even allows you to manually partition as well. If you’ve used previous versions of Ubuntu Server, the alternate installer may seem familiar to you, and that’s because it’s the installer that’s been used by default in previous versions (Ubuntu Server versions prior to 18.04). In case you may benefit from an installation walkthrough using the alternate installer, this appendix will guide you through it step by step.

In this appendix, we will cover:

  • Obtaining the Alternate Installation Media
  • Installing via the Alternate Installer
  • Setting up Software RAID

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