Ubuntu Server 18.04 – Sharing and Transferring Files

How to Configure Network Static IP Address on Ubuntu 19.10

Within an enterprise network, having one or more servers available to store files and make data accessible over the network is a great asset. Perhaps you’ve used a file server before, or even set one up on a different platform. With Ubuntu Server, there are multiple methods to not only store files, but also to transfer files from one node to another over a network link. In this chapter, we’ll look into setting up a central file server using both Samba and NFS, as well as how to transfer files between nodes with utilities such as scp and rsync. We’ll also go over some situations in which one solution may work better than another. As we go through these concepts, we will cover the following topics:

  • File server considerations
  • Sharing files with Windows users via Samba
  • Setting up NFS shares
  • Transferring files with rsync
  • Transferring files with scp
  • Mounting remote directories with SSHFS

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