Ubuntu Server 18.04 – Managing Software Packages

Initial Configurations of Windows server 2019

Prior to this chapter, I’ve already walked you through several situations that required you to install a new package or two on your server, but we have yet to have any formal discussion on package management. In this chapter, we’ll explore package management in more detail. The Ubuntu platform has a huge range of software available for it, featuring packages for everything from server administration to games. In fact, as of the time I’m writing this chapter, there are over 50,000 packages in Ubuntu’s repositories. That’s a lot of software and, in this chapter, we’ll take a look at how to manage these packages. We’ll cover how to install, remove, and update packages, as well as the use of related tools.

As we go through these concepts, we will cover:

  • Understanding Linux package management
  • Taking advantage of hardware enablement updates
  • Understanding the differences between Debian and Snap packages
  • Installing and removing software
  • Searching for packages
  • Managing package repositories
  • Backing up and restoring Debian packages
  • Cleaning orphaned packages
  • Making use of Aptitude

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