Ubuntu Server 18.04 – Controlling and Monitoring Processes

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On a typical Linux server, there can be over a hundred processes running at any given time. The purposes of these processes ranges from system services such as NTP to processes that serve information to others, such as the Apache web server. As an administrator of Ubuntu servers, you will need to be able to manage these processes, as well as manage the resources available to them. In this chapter, we’ll take a look at process management, including the ps command, managing job control commands, and more.

As we work through these concepts, we will cover:

  • Displaying running processes with the ps command
  • Managing jobs
  • Dealing with misbehaving processes
  • Utilizing htop
  • Managing system processes
  • Enabling services to run at boot time
  • Managing processes on legacy servers with upstart
  • Monitoring memory usage
  • Scheduling tasks with cron
  • Understanding load average

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