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In this recipe, we will open the FileZilla FTP client software, which has already been installed on a Windows 10 PC. We will also open an FTP site hosted on a remote server. We will see how to upload and download files, folders, media files, and program files.

FileZilla is a third-party application available free online to download. Two types of FileZilla programs are available: FileZilla Clienta and FileZilla Server.

FileZilla is designed for FTP server connectivity for file download and upload.

In this book, the examples are covered with the FileZilla Client application, available at

Getting ready

To step through this recipe, you will need a running FTP site. You should also be have administrative privileges on the FTP site, FileZilla FTP client software (or any FTP client software), and an internet connection.

How to do it…

  1. We have already installed the FileZilla FTP client software on our Windows 10 PC. Find the FileZilla client shortcut on the desktop and open it:
  1. You can see that at the top, we have the Quickconnect option. You just need to input the FTP server name or IP in the Host field and the FTP username and password. If you have a custom port for your FTP server, you can set it here in the Port option. Let’s connect to a remote FTP server.



  1. Go to the File menu on the client and click on Site Manager:
  1. We already have several sites added, as you can see. We will select and Protocol FTP or SFTP. Then, click on the Connect button. You will be connected to the remote FTP site, as shown here:
  1. You can see that we have a Local site, which is on your Windows 10 PC, and a Remote site, which is the FTP site You can download from the remote FTP site to your local site (your Windows 10 PC or server), and you can also upload files. If you have administrative rights, you can modify and delete files on the FTP server directly.

How it works…

In this recipe, we opened the FileZilla FTP client. We then remotely connected to the FTP site, which is hosted on a public host server remotely, and we saw how to upload and download files, folders, media files, and program files.

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