Microsoft IIS 10.0 – Managing IIS 10.0 on Nano Server

Installing an FTP server

In this recipe, we will remotely connect via PowerShell to Nano Server, and we will check out the default website. We will start up and stop website services of the default website.

Getting ready

To step through this recipe, we are going to manage IIS 10.0 on Nano Server 2016 through PowerShell. IIS 10.0 on Nano Server can only be managed using PowerShell. You will need a Nano Server 2016 instance. For all this installation and configuration work, you should have administrative privileges.

How to do it…

  1. Go to the WIN2016IIS server. To connect Nano Server 2016 through PowerShell, we have to first log in to the WIN2016IIS server (any Windows Server 2016 or Windows 10 machine will do). We will use PowerShell to remotely connect to Nano Server at
  2. Open PowerShell with administrative rights on the WIN2016IIS server, press Windows + R, and you will get the Run window, like in the previous chapter.



  1. Type the command RunAs /user:Administrator PowerShell_ISE.exe and press the OK button. Now, it will ask you the administrator password to WIN2016IIS. Type the administrator password and press Enter. PowerShell will open with administrative rights:
  1. You see now in the screenshot that we have a script editor and PowerShell command prompt. Let’s connect to Nano Server at We have to first set up a Nano Server instance as the trusted host for the WIN2016IIS server. Execute the PowerShell command Set-Item WSMan:localhostClientTrustedHosts -Value -Concatenate, and you will get a popup to confirm the trusted host with options Yes, Yes to all, and No. We will click on the Yes button. With this, you have finished the trusted host setup.



  1. Let’s move to connecting the Nano Server instance. Write the PowerShell command Enter-PSSession –ComputerName "" -Credential ~Administraton to connect Nano Server. Then press Enter and run the command. A popup for the Nano Server administrator password will come up, and you have to provide your Nano server password and press Enter. You will get logged in through PowerShell remotely:
  1. After getting connected to Nano Server, we have to check the default listed website in IIS. First, we have to import the IIS module with the PowerShell command Import-module iisadministration and then write the command Import-module iisadministration in PowerShell . This will import the IISAdministration module.



  1. Execute the command Get-IISSite in PowerShell, and you will get all the websites listed inside your IIS instance:
  1. You can see in the figure that we only have one default website, Default Web Site which has State as Started and a Physical Path of %SystemDrive%=C:. The system drive is the default operating system drive, %SystemDrive%\inetpub\wwwroot, and the binding is http *:80:, which means any IP available on Nano Server.
  2. You can stop and start the website with the PowerShell commands Stop-IISSite -Name "Default Web Site" and Start-IISSite -Name "Default Web Site", respectively.
  3. You can do many more things in IIS through PowerShell; for more reference, you can use the URL


How it works…

In this recipe, we performed some management tasks for IIS 10.0 on Nano Server. We added the Nano Server IP as a trusted host for the WIN2016IIS server and connected Nano Server using a remote PowerShell command. We also checked the listed default website on IIS server. We used PowerShell commands to start and stop the website’s default website services.

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