Microsoft IIS 10.0 – Installation of lower framework version

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In this recipe, we are going to install framework 3.5 on Windows Server 2016. By default, IIS 10.0 has framework version 4.0. We will install the lower version of the framework, which supports web applications with .NET framework versions 2.0 through 3.5.

For example, if you have a web application you created a few years back and it was developed in the v2.0 .NET framework, you can use this recipe in order to make it run on IIS 10.0. Let’s begin.

Getting ready

To step through this recipe, you need to install framework v3.5, which is based on the v2.0 framework. You will need a Windows Server 2016 instance. You should have the Server 2016 OS media for the framework 3.5 files or an Internet connection. You also need admin privileges.

How to do it…

  1. Open Server Manager on Windows Server 2016, and click on the highlighted Add roles and features option.
  1. Click on Next until you get the Select features wizard.
  1. Click on the Features tab and click on the checkbox for .NET Framework 3.5 Features. It will also install the supported 2.0 framework. Move to the next screen:
  1. There is a warning displayed before installation: Do you need to specify an alternate source path? One or more installation selection are missing sources files on the destinati… (it goes on for a bit; hover on it to read the full warning).
  2. We have to provide the installation media’s sources\sxs folder path. Click on Specify an alternate source path. You’ll get this screen:
  1. Here, I have the Windows Server 2016 media in the D: drive. This is the media path in my case, which I have downloaded, but in your case, it can be different or be an actual optical drive. There is a folder called sources and a subfolder, sxs. Inside this folder, the installation file is available:
  1. Now you know where the source folder is. Go to the confirmation screen and click on Install. The next screenshot shows the installation progress on WIN2016IIS:
  1. Click on Close when the installation is complete; you now have framework 3.5 available on your server.
  2. Now you have to verify that framework 3.5 has been installed. It should be available in the Features wizard.
  3. Open Server Manager and click on Add roles and features.



  1. Keep clicking on Next until you get the Select Features wizard. You will see the .NET framework 3.5 checkbox checked, and the box will be gray, meaning it’s disabled:
  1. We’ve confirmed that .NET v3.5 has been installed on our server.
This can be installed through PowerShell. We can also install it directly from Windows Update, but you need Internet connectivity and the Windows Update service running on Window Server.


How it works…

In this recipe, the IIS administrator was installed on framework v3.5. The version 3.5 framework on Windows Server 2016 helps us run built-in .NET v2.0 or v3.5 applications. Framework v3.5 processes applications built in framework v3.5 or v2.0.

We also found out where the sources\sxs folder is, and after installation, we verified that .NET framework v3.5 is available.

We will now create an application pool that will support .NET framework v3.5 .

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