Microsoft IIS 10.0 – Creating an FTP user and managing user permissions

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In this recipe, we will create a Windows Server 2016 user for FTP access and give that FTP user FTP folder permissions. We will also configure FTP authentication and FTP authorization rules. We will allow the Windows user to get access to the FTP site.

Getting ready

To step through this recipe, you will need a running Windows Server 2016 instance with IIS 10.0 and FTP Server installed. You should also have administrative privileges.

How to do it…

  1. Log in to Windows Server 2016 with an administrator account.
  2. Open Server Manager.
  3. Click on Tools and open Computer Management.
  4. In the Computer Management window of WIN2016IIS, expand System tools. Expand Local Users and Groups, as shown here:
  1. Right-click on the Users folder and select New User. The New User creation window will pop up:
  1. Fill in the details of the user: User name, Full name, Description, user Password, and Confirm password. You can select any or all checkboxes if you need to set those options. Click on Create, and you will have the ftpadmin user created, as shown here:
  1. Now let’s go to set user permissions on the FTPROOT folder. This is best practice to manage NTFS permissions on a folder.
  2. Go to C:\inetpub, and find the folder named ftproot . Right-click on ftproot, and open its properties. In the properties window, go to the Security tab and click on the Edit button. The security window will open. Click on the Add button. Find the user window in WIN2016IIS (local computer) and select the ftpadmin user. Press OK, and the user will be listed in the security window, as shown here:
Here you can also restrict or provide the certain privileges by checking the box according to the user requirements. Permissions for FTP Admin which are below 1. Full Control 2. Modify 3. Read & execute 4. List folder contents 5. Read 6. Write
  1. Now you can set the permissions. We’ll allow all the permissions. Click on Apply and OK. Now we are done with the ftproot folder permissions. Let’s move ahead to allow the user on our FTP site to access the FTP folder.



  1. Open IIS Manager, expand WIN2016IIS, and expand the Sites folder. Click on myftp, as shown here:
  1. Go to the ftpsite Features View, open FTP authentication, disable Anonymous Authentication, and enable Basic Authentication, as shown here:
  1. Next, go to the ftpsite Features View, open the FTP authorization rules, and add a new rule:
  1. Select All Users and provide Read and Write permissions. Click on OK. Check the FTP Authorization Rule. If there are any other rules available, you can delete them. We will use the rule we created.
  2. Next, go to the ftpsite Features View and open IIS Manager Permission. Here, you can allow the user to access the FTP site. Click on Allow User… from the Actions pane. You will get the Allow User… window, as shown here:
  1. We selected the ftpadmin user from the WIN2016IIS server. Click on the OK button.

How it works…

In this recipe, we created a user on WIN2016IIS for FTP access and granted the FTP user full permissions to the ftproot folder. We configured FTP authentication and FTP authorization rules for all users. We allowed the Windows user to access the FTP site from IIS Manager Permission.

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