Microsoft IIS 10.0 – Configuring the website IP

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In this recipe, we are going to configure the website IP The default website IP was; we will configure a different IP to access the website over this newly configured IP.

Getting ready

To step through this recipe, you will need a running IIS 10 instance, one static IP address, and an administrator user account for editing properties and files.

How to do it…

  1. Open Server Manager on Windows Server 2016. Click on the Tools menu and open IIS Manager.
  2. Expand the IIS server ( WIN2016IIS). We get the listed application pools and sites.
  3. Select the website, click on the Binding option, and you will see the Site Bindings details of Host Name, Port, and IP Address, as shown in this figure:
  1. has the existing IP; it might even be *.
  2. Click on the Edit button, and you will get the Edit Site Binding property window:
  1. You have to add the new IP, leave the port as 80, and Host name as it is.
  2. Click on the OK Button. Now we set the IP for the website bind property. Let’s make the required changes in the configuration for the IP so that it will work for the website
  3. Click on Start, go to Settings, and click on Network and Sharing center.
  4. Now, you have to click on Change adapter settings:
  1. You will get the network connections window; In this window, we get the Ethernet (server network port) property:
  1. Right click on Ethernet, and you will get the property context menu of Ethernet (Ethernet is the default name; you can rename it), as shown in this screenshot:
  1. In the Ethernet properties, you will get IP version 4 (TCP/IPv4). We are using IP version 4, so we will configure only TCP/IP v4. If you have a TCP/IP v6 IP address, you can use the TCP/IP v6 protocol.



  1. Click on the Properties button:
  1. You have to add the new IP here.
  2. Click on the Add button, and enter It will also ask you to define your Subnet. We will add the subnet mask (the given Subnet mask is Default). Click on the OK button. Click on OK a few more times till you close the Ethernet properties.
  3. Now you’ve configured the new IP for your website and IIS Server that will recognize additional IP address for IIS server, you have to configure IP address which option is available under Advance TCP/IP Settings property of IP Settings tab, IP settings tab we can add multiple IP on same IIS Server which we can use dedicate to each website.


How it works…

Once we configure the dedicated IP for our website, we have to perform the configuration of TCP/IP protocol settings. We have to add the new IP. The IIS 10 server will check whether the IP is active and configured. Now you can access the website on IP

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