Microsoft IIS 10.0 – Configuring an IIS 10.0 website on Nano Server

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In this recipe, we are going to configure a website in IIS 10.0 on Nano Server 2016 through PowerShell. We will set up the website IP binding and also get an overview of modifying the physical path of

Getting ready

IIS 10.0 on Nano Server can be only managed with PowerShell; you will need a Nano Server 2016 instance with the IIS package installed. For all the installation and configuration work, you should have administrative privileges.

How to do it…

  1. Let’s modify the website’s properties. We have a direct editing method we can use and modify
  2. Go to the WIN2016IIS server. To access Nano Server 2016, we have to first log in to the WIN2016IIS server (any Windows Server 2016 or Windows 10 machine will do), and we will use our WIN2016IIS server to remotely connect with Nano Server at Before going to access the Nano Server’s c$ share, you should configure the firewall on Nano Server to allow the file and print services options.



  1. Open the file explorer on the WIN2016IIS server, and type\c$\Windows\System32\inetsrv\config in the address bar of your browser. We are going to access the C: drive of Nano Server on the default hidden share, c$. It will prompt you for the administrator password. Once you’ve provide the correct password for Nano Server, you will get Nano Server to open to\c$\Windows\System32\inetsrv\config, as shown here:
  1. You have to make some changes in ApplicationHost.config. Open it in Notepad:
Make the changes carefully. It’s better to keep a backup file in a safe place before editing the original one!
  1. The ApplicationHost.config file has all the IIS website-related property configuration options. Make sure you’re changing the ApplicationHost.config file and not something else. You’ll find, as shown here:
  1. Click on Find, and it will take you inside applicationHost.config, where the details are available:
  1. As shown in the screenshot, we’ve selected the site property. Here, you can change the Site Name, Physical Path, Binding Protocol, and Binding Information. We will change only the IP address and port number. You can see in screenshot the code bindingInformation="*:8080:" *. This will used any available IP, but we will assign Nano Server’s and we change the port to 8081, as shown here:
  1. If you want to change the physical path of, you can edit the path as you want. Now you can Save the applicationHost.config file and close it.
  2. Let’s check the modified binding information through PowerShell. On the WIN2016IIS server, open the Run prompt and execute RunAs /user:Administrator PowerShell_ISE.exe. It will ask you for the administrator password of WIN2016IIS; type it in and press Enter. You will get PowerShell open with administrative rights.
  3. We need to first set up a Nano Server instance that is the trusted host for the WIN2016IIS server. Run the command Set-Item WSMan:\localhost\client\trustedhosts -Value -Concatenate. You will get a popup to confirm the trusted host. Click on Yes.
  4. We need to run this PowerShell command to connect Nano Server to PowerShell: Enter-PSSession –ComputerName "" -Credential ~Administrator. You will get a popup for the Nano Server administrator password. Enter the administrator password and press OK.



  1. Now you need to run the PowerShell command Import-module iisadministration. This will import the IIS administration module. Now, to get the site details, run Get-IISSite. You will get the site information, as shown here:
  1. In the figure, we have the updated binding information. You can see that the IP is and port 8081.

How it works…

In this recipe, we edited the ApplicationHost.config file to change the binding information. We configured with a new port, 8081. We set the binding of to the IP, and we had an overview of modifying the physical path of We checked the website’s functioning and made changes through PowerShell.

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