Linux Mint – To encrypt or not to encrypt

Getting Started with the IIS Manager in IIS

While setting up your user account, you’ll notice some additional options such as one that allows you to encrypt your home folder and another that will set up the system to automatically log you on without asking for your password. Your decisions on this screen have a major impact on the overall security of your data.

The first question is whether you should encrypt your home folder or not. If you do so, it would make it very difficult for a miscreant to gain access to your data if your device gets stolen. However, there is a significant trade-off. If you do encrypt your home folder, you’ll defeat the entire purpose of having a separate /home partition in the first place. The reason for this is because it is very difficult to retain an encrypted home folder between one installation and another since a new installation would not contain a valid encryption key for the original home folder. Your choice here comes down to the classic battle between ease of use and security. If you decide to encrypt your home folder, your next Mint installation would have to be done from scratch when the next version is released. However, you would be better protected from data being accessed by an unauthorized person.

Similarly, it would certainly be convenient to have the system automatically log you in when it starts up. However, not needing a password would also make the process of accessing your data much easier for a miscreant. Make your choice wisely based on how confidential the information you plan to store on your machine is. A person who will only use the system to play games or check a social networking site may not care as much about security as someone keeping track of their company’s accounting tutorials.

Regardless of your decision, click on Continue to finish the installation. When it’s done, a prompt will appear asking you to reboot. Do so, and the DVD will automatically eject, if you used one, and the system will reboot.

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