Linux Mint – Playing a DVD

How to install Ubuntu Server 19.10

As mentioned earlier, Mint supports commercial DVD movies out of the box. The recommended application to use for DVD video is VLC. To play a DVD, insert it into your DVD drive and give it a little bit of time to spin up. Then, in VLC, click on the Media menu on the top–left side and then click on Open Disc. Finally, click on Play to begin playing the movie.

Once the movie starts playing, VLC is able to handle all the basic DVD controls you would expect it to. If you peruse the file menu, you’ll see options to skip to the menu, skip to the next chapter, choose a specific chapter, and so on.


Most DVDs can be played in Linux. However, every now and then, you may run into a DVD that won’t play at all in Linux but may work fine in a regular DVD player such as those that hook up to a television. If you run into such a disc, it doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with the disc or your computer. The multimedia industries go to great lengths to make sure that their movies won’t work in anything other than the devices they’ve approved. So sometimes, this copy protection may prevent the movie from working in Linux, despite Mint building DVD capability into their distro. This doesn’t happen too often, but it can and sometimes does.

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