Linux Mint – Notifications

Initial Server Setup with CentOS 8

At various times, you’ll see several notifications while you use Mint. For example, you may see notifications such as updates are available to be installed, removable media has been inserted, how much battery power is remaining, or a wireless network has become available. Whenever an event occurs, the Cinnamon desktop will immediately display a notification in order to let you know.

Cinnamon will notify you in one of two places when a noteworthy event occurs. For example, you may see a notification bubble on the top-right corner of the screen when a wireless network becomes available or your machine is disconnected from a connection. If you miss a notification, don’t worry. Each time a notification appears, it is stored in the panel for viewing later, underneath an icon that looks like a speech balloon, which is shown as follows:

Removable media notifications are handled a bit differently. If you insert media, such as a flash drive or DVD, a notification will not appear on screen but will be immediately available in the panel. By default, the contents of removable media will immediately open in the file manager (Nemo). Notifications for removable media are stored underneath a separate icon, shown as follows, which looks similar to a hard disk:

There is a series of notifications for audio as well. On the panel, there is an icon for controlling the volume, which you can adjust either by clicking on it and adjusting the slider or hovering your mouse pointer over it and moving the scroll wheel. If you are playing audio (for example, listening to MP3 files in Banshee), the icon will turn into a musical note instead, but you’ll still be able to adjust the volume in the same way. However, when you click on the volume icon while the music is playing, you’ll see a section used to control music in addition to the controls that are normally available. The following screenshot shows the Cinnamon notification area (with the audio icon clicked on) while the music is playing:

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