Linux Mint – Accessing FTP servers

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If you need to access FTP servers, Mint has you covered. Included in Mint by default is the Upload Manager

tool. You can use this tool to access FTP servers. The following screenshot shows Mint’s Upload Manager application:

To use this tool, click on the New button, and a configuration dialog will appear. This dialog will allow you to enter the required values for the connection. Use the parameters that the FTP provider has given you for the connection and then click on OK. The following screenshot shows how to set up an FTP connection in the Upload Manager:

Once your FTP site is configured, a small window will appear to allow you to drag-and-drop files into it. These files will be uploaded. However, when a casual use of FTP is required, FileZilla is recommended instead, as it gives you more features and is the industry standard for FTP. With FileZilla, it’s much easier to see what’s already stored on the FTP server and modify the files stored there.

To install FileZilla, execute the following command:

sudo apt-get install filezilla

One of the major benefits of FileZilla, other than the many features and its easy-to-use interface, is that it is cross platform. If you have a mix of computers across various platforms, there’s a good chance that FileZilla will be available on each, as there are versions available for Windows and OS X, in addition to Linux.

The following is a screenshot of FileZilla—a cross-platform FTP client:

The easiest way to connect to an FTP site with FileZilla is to enter in the required values at the top of the program window ( Host, Username, Password, and Port) and then click on Quickconnect to open up a connection. Additionally, if you expect that you will connect to a site on a regular basis, it may benefit you to add the site to FileZilla’s Site Manager.

To do so, click on the icon at the very top-left corner of the FileZilla window. Doing this will open the Site Manager. There, you can enter the values required for your FTP site so that you can have faster access to it the next time you need to connect to it. The following screenshot shows FileZilla’s Site Manager, with sample values filled in:

Once you’re connected to a site in FileZilla, you’re ready to transfer files as well as manage the existing files stored there. On the left-hand side of the FileZilla window, you can browse the filesystem on your local PC. The right-hand section shows the filesystem of your FTP site. You can easily drag files from your filesystem to the FTP server and also manage files, for example, delete and rename files. When finished, simply close FileZilla.

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