Kubernetes – Kubernetes Infrastructure Management

How to Setup a Node.js Application Using PM2″ href=”https://devtutorial.io/how-to-setup-a-node-js-application-using-pm2.html” target=”_blank”>How to Setup a Node.js Application Using PM2

In this chapter, we’ll discuss how to make changes to the infrastructure that powers your Kubernetes infrastructure, whether or not it is a purely public cloud platform or a hybrid installation. We’ll discuss methods for handling underlying instance and resource instability, and strategies for running highly available workloads on partially available underlying hardware. We’ll cover a few key topics in this chapter in order to build your understanding of how to manage infrastructure in this way:

  • How do we plan to deploy Kubernetes components?
  • How do we secure Kubernetes infrastructure?
  • How do we upgrade the cluster and kubeadm?
  • How do we scale up the cluster?
  • What external resources are available to us?

In this chapter, you’ll learn about the following:

  • Cluster upgrades
  • How to manage kubeadm
  • Cluster scaling
  • Cluster maintenance
  • The SIG Cluster Lifecycle group

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