Kubernetes – Additional configuration options

Once you’ve built up an understanding of how Kubernetes cluster configuration is managed, it’s a good idea to explore the additional tools that offer enhanced mechanisms or abstractions to configure the state of your clusters.

ksonnet is one such tool, which allows you to build a structure around your various configurations in order to keep many environments configured. ksonnet uses another powerful tool called Jsonnet in order to maintain the state of the cluster. ksonnet is a different approach to cluster management that’s different from the Helm approach we discussed in earlier chapters, in that it doesn’t define packages by dependency, but instead takes a composable prototype approach, where you build JSON templates that are rendered by the ksonnet CLI to apply state on the cluster. You start with parts that create prototypes, which becomes a component once it’s configured, and those components can then get combined into applications. This helps avoid repeated code in your code base.¬†Check it out here:¬†https://ksonnet.io/.

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