Google Cloud Platform – Preemptible VM instances

How to run your first application on Kubernetes

Preemptible instances are VM instances that can be created at a much lower price than a regular instance. The only difference is that the compute engine can terminate these instances if those resources need to be reclaimed for other tasks. Preemptible instances also have a 24-hour limit after which they are terminated.

If GCP determines that their data center load is increasing, they can, selectively, terminate your pre emptive VM instance, which can cause application disruption. It is very important that premptible instances be used only for applications that are fault-tolerant or batch-processing jobs.

Due to the limitations of preemptible instances, preemptible instances are not covered by any service level agreement.

Preemptible instances are created during VM instance creation. Just set the Preemptibility option to On to change the instance to a preemptible instance:

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