Google Cloud Platform – Managing billing

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Managing billing is easy with GCP. Let’s explore this by logging in to our GCP console and clicking on the dashboard. You will see the Billing card on the right-hand side of the screen:

In the left-hand navigation pane, click on Billing:

You will see the Billing dashboard and an overview of your account:

In the preceding illustration, you can see the that this GCP account has $270.94 worth of credits remaining out of the $300 initially applied. You also see the days remaining before these credits expire. The list of projects linked to this account is also listed giving you a snapshot of the different consumers. Notice the Budgets & alerts on the left where you can create a custom budget and also create alerts.

There are a variety of options here, including the ability to rename the billing account or close it. Closing the billing account will require you to pay all dues. Click on the P ayment overview tab to review your payment methods. You can even manage payment methods, such as adding a new credit card or a bank account.

At the top of the page, beside the Overview button, click on the dropdown to select ALL BILLING ACCOUNTS. You can use this option to view all accounts, open and closed. You can even re-enable a closed billing account:

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