Google Cloud Platform – Live migration

How to check for updates on Windows Server 2019

A compute engine virtual machine instance can live migrate when a host system event occurs such as a software or a hardware update. This feature prevents unnecessary reboots of a virtual machine and can live migrate the virtual machine in the same zone. It is important to remember that live migration does not change the virtual machine configuration, but rather moves it to another host without any interruption.

It is important to remember that instances with GPUs cannot be live migrated. These virtual machines will need to be terminated. The compute engine provides a 60-minute notice before the virtual machine with the GPU is terminated. Preemptible instances cannot be live migrated either.

Instance templates

Instance templates are a way to save a virtual machine instance configuration so it can be deployed over and over again without having to set the configuration every single time. It is important to remember that creating a virtual machine using an instance template can only be done using the GCP API. You can create the instance templates using the GCP web portal.

The instance template is also not bound to a zone or a region and is a global resource. You also cannot change or update the configuration of an instance template. The only way to do this is to create a new instance template.

To create an instance template:

  1. Click on Instance templates in the menu.
  2. The process is similar to a VM instance creation. Once the desired configuration is set, click Create:

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