Google Cloud Platform – Cloud interconnect

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Google’s Cloud Interconnect makes it possible for you to connect your on-premises network directly to your VPC without traversing the public internet. This feature also provides RFC 1918 communication, making it possible to access internal private IPs directly across both networks. There are two ways you can consume cloud interconnect, Google Cloud Interconnect – Dedicated and Google Cloud Interconnect – Partner. The dedicated interconnect provides a direct physical connection between your on-premises network and Google’s network while the partner interconnect provides connectivity between your network and Google’s network through a service provider partner. The logo for Google’s Cloud Interconnect looks like this:

Cloud interconnect is typically more efficient than having your traffic travel over the public internet. Because the connection is tied into Google’s network, your traffic takes fewer hops to reach the resources and this means fewer packet drops. Cloud interconnect is ideal for high volume traffic with the dedicated Cloud Interconnect offering a maximum of 80 GBps of total capacity per interconnect while the partner interconnect can offer connection speeds ranging from 50 MBps to 10 GBps for each VLAN. Because of the dedicated nature of the setup, your network egress costs remain low, making it the most cost-effective method if you have high volume traffic. However, there are overhead costs associated with the setup of the cloud interconnect private/dedicated connections.

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