Docker – Learning Docker Commands

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In this chapter, we will learn some essential Docker commands. While we focus on one of the most important commands, the container run command, we will also cover many other commands that you will be using every day. These commands include the list container command, the stop container command, and the remove container command. Along the way, we will also discover other container commands such as logs, inspect, stats, attach, exec, and commit. I think you will find this chapter to be an excellent foundation for Docker education.

BIC: The Bureau of International des Containers was founded in 1933 as a neutral, non-profit, international organization whose mission is to promote the safe, secure, and sustainable expansion of containerization and intermodal transportation.

By the end of this chapter, you will know the following:

  • The current and previous command-line syntax
  • Both ways to use the version commands
  • How to use the container run command and many of its optional parameters
  • How to start and stop your containers, view information about your containers, interact with running containers, and how to save and reuse changes made to your containers

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