CentOS 7 – Configuring Mytop for a MySQL database

Initial Server Setup with CentOS 8

Mytop is an open source solution that helps monitor the MySQL database’s activities and performance, or what we now know as MariaDB for CentOS 7. It is a non-GUI monitoring tool. Therefore, it kind of provides an interphase through the shell command line.

To install Mytop, we should make sure that the installation is going to be at the same server where the MariaDB database server is installed. Then we add the EPEL repository, as follows:

$ sudo yum install epel-release

Next, we execute the installation using yum:

$ sudo yum install mytop

For the configuration, we only need to create a configuration file at the root folder:

$ sudo nano /root/.mytop

Then we type the following text inside it:


This is a personalized configuration that will be used during the execution of the program.

To run it, we need to type in the following command:

$ sudo mytop --prompt

Then we need to type in the MariaDB root password. Otherwise, if we are accessing using a non-root user, we can always type this:

$ sudo mytop –u user1 --prompt

Or if we need one specific database, we have the following:

$ sudo mytop –d packtdb--prompt

To know that it is working fine, you should see the following interface:

For more information on how to interact with the Mytop GUI, you can always check out its manual:

$ man mytop

Source: http://i.gzn.jp

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