Bootstrap 4 – JavaScript file concatenation

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Just as we minified and concatenated our style sheets, we shall now go ahead and minify and concatenate our JavaScript files. Go ahead and take a look at grunt-contrib-uglify. Visit for more information.

Install this by typing the following:

    npm install grunt-contrib-uglify -save-dev

Then, as always, enable it by adding grunt.loadNpmTasks('grunt-contrib-uglify') ; to our Gruntfile.js. Next, create a new task:

 "uglify": {  
    "target": { 
        "files": { 
           "dist/js/myphoto.min.js": ["src/js/*.js"] 

Running grunt uglify should produce the following output:

Figure 8.8: The console output after running the uglify task

The dist/js folder should now contain a file called myphoto.min.js. Open it and verify that the JavaScript code has been minified. As a next step, we need to be sure that our minified JavaScript file will actually be used by our production-ready index.html. We will use grunt-processhtml, which we installed in the previous section. All that we need to do is wrap our link tags inside a special build comment—<!-- build:js js/myphoto.min.js ->:

    <!-- build:js js/myphoto.min.js --> 
        <script src="js/alert.js"></script> 
        <script src="js/carousel.js"></script> 
        <script src="js/a11yhcm.js"></script> 
    <!-- /build ->

Next, we will add our uglify task to our watch task list:

"watch": { 
    "target": { 
        "files": ["src/styles/myphoto.css"], 
        "tasks": ["uncss", "cssmin", "processhtml", "uglify",
Golden rules when working with Grunt

When developing a Grunt file (or any build file for that matter), there are a few practices that you should keep in mind:

  • The dist folder should not contain any unprocessed source files, src is the “unprocessed” code, and  dist is the result of “processing” src to create a distributable.
  • Typically, you should create a G runt build task to run the appropriate tasks to create and populate the dist directory. You should also create a G runt serve task to run the appropriate tasks for a development server, with the watch task being the final task that is run.
  • The watch task should be watching all source files. In our case, we watched just one, in order to keep the example simple and easy to understand.

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