Bootstrap 4 – Customizing Your Plugins

So far, we have built the MyPhoto demo page by leveraging all that Bootstrap has to offer, customizing Bootstrap’s components and using jQuery plugins along the way. In this chapter, we will be delving deep into Bootstrap’s jQuery plugins with extensive customization via JavaScript and CSS.

We will take some of the plugins we have introduced into MyPhoto, take a look under the hood, and we will customize themĀ step by step to meet the needs of our page. Plugins will be examined and extended throughout this chapter in an effort to not only make our page better, but to also build our knowledge of how jQuery plugins are built and how they behave within Bootstrap’s ecosystem.

When we are comfortable with customizing Bootstrap’s jQuery plugins, we will create a fully customized jQuery plugin of our own for MyPhoto.

Summarizing all of this, we will do the following in this chapter:

  • Learn about the anatomy of a Bootstrap jQuery plugin
  • Learn how to extensively customize the behavior and features of Bootstrap’s jQuery plugins via JavaScript
  • Learn how to extensively customize the styling of Bootstrap’s jQuery plugins via CSS
  • Learn how to create a custom Bootstrap jQuery plugin from scratch

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