Bootstrap 4 – Building the Layout

In Chapter 2, Making a Style Statement, we learned about some of Bootstrap’s core features, such as the grid system, and we built out the print sizes component of MyPhoto. In this chapter, we will put this knowledge to further use by building out the layout of MyPhoto.

First, we will split the page into five sections: Welcome, Services, Gallery, About, and Contact Us, along with a footer placeholder. We will use the grid system to create distinct sections on the page. We will add content to these sections using the Bootstrap components jumbotron, tabs, carousel, and cards.

Furthermore, we will discover how to integrate Bootstrap’s navbar component into our page to provide single-page, app-like navigation, while also using it to surface Bootstrap modal windows.

As we learn how to use these different components, we will also explain how to customize the components in order to integrate them with the styling conventions of MyPhoto.

In short, this chapter will cover the following topics:

  • How to lay out a page using Bootstrap’s grid system
  • How to integrate Bootstrap jumbotron, cards, tabs, and carousels
  • How to integrate Bootstrap’s navbar
  • How to create and surface Bootstrap’s modal windows
  • How to extend Bootstrap’s component styles

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