Bootstrap 4 – Advanced Third-Party Plugins

In this chapter, we will discover how to integrate some popular plugins and libraries into Bootstrap to enhance the user experience of MyPhoto.

We will identify new features or improvements we want to make to MyPhoto, introduce libraries to help us achieve those goals, and figure out how these can be gracefully integrated within our existing architecture.

This chapter will focus on the integration of three popular plugins and libraries, namely, Salvattore, Animate.css, and Hover. These libraries will allow us to improve the overall user experience of MyPhoto, creating a much more polished look and feel.

To summarize, this chapter will help us with the following:

  • Learn how to leverage Salvattore to add more flexibility to Bootstrap’s grid system
  • Learn how to leverage Animate.css to easily add CSS3 animations to a Bootstrap page
  • Learn how to leverage Hover to easily add hover effects to a Bootstrap page

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