Bootstrap 3 – Official Bootstrap resources

There have been recent developments, due to which Bootstrap has evolved. All this can be found on the official Bootstrap blog at, helping you stay in sync with the latest updates.

Let’s take a look at some of the resources and relevant information on the official web page.


The Bootlint utility is an HTML linting tool for projects using Vanilla Bootstrap and can be implemented at the browser level or from the terminal using Node.js. Thus you can automatically check for common Bootstrap usage errors. You can also use Bootlint with Grunt, which is a JavaScript task runner. You can check the entire project at, which leads to the GitHub page, wherein you avail the latest updates and the usage instructions.

Bootstrap with SaaS

Bootstrap with SaaS is a handy resource, which is just the correct implementation for SaaS-powered applications. Compass, an open source CSS preprocessor, uses SaaS, and its combination with Bootstrap helps you build a completely responsive website in no time, in addition to helping you write lightweight, programmable, and maintainable CSS. A major development was the inclusion of Bootstrap-powered SaaS in the Rails project as well as other SaaS-powered projects.

The recent updates, as well as the official SaaS port of Bootstrap, can be found on the official GitHub platform at

Bootstrap Expo

The Bootstrap Expo ( is the official directory for websites and web applications being developed by the framework. You can also showcase your website ( *terms and conditions apply) on the Expo.

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