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In the previous sections, we took a look at the free and premium themes, templates, ready-made utilities, and plugins related to Bootstrap. We also saw the Start Bootstrap website that has the links to almost everything on Bootstrap. The Start Bootstrap website also has information about the development tools and editors used in web designing related to Bootstrap. In this section, we’ll take a look at some of the popular development tools and editors which will significantly help you in your projects.


Bootply is a Bootstrap code editor and builder that you can use to rapidly design and create interfaces with the drag-and-drop visual editor for Bootstrap. You can leverage the extensive code repository for snippets, examples, and templates. The following screenshot shows the interface for Bootply:

The preceding screenshot contains ready-made templates related to different versions of Bootstrap. Below the panel at the top of the screen, there is an on-the-fly preview screen that depicts the way your website will appear on updating as well as modification. You can save as well as fork the frontend you have built. The best part is that you can edit and customize the screen just the way you want it, thereby developing your frontend in no time. On the right side of the editor, there is a section that you can use to check how your web page will look on various devices such as tablet, desktop, or phone screens.

More information and attributes of Bootply can be found at:


LayoutIt is a Bootstrap drag-and-drop editor that you can use to create frontend code. It easily integrates with any programming language, wherein you download the HTML code and start coding the design. You can customize it further by using your own LESS variables and loops, thereby helping you to build an accurate, impressive web page:

The preceding screenshot displays the builder and, as you can see on the left panel, there is GRID SYSTEM to choose the grid layout of your choice as well as use of several tailored CSS modules; components such as badges, jumbotron, and button groups; and JavaScript plugins such as modals and carousels in addition to customizing it with your own content. You have the developer tab and the preview tab for real-time display in addition to downloading the code in the .zip format with the choice of downloading the HTML only. This awesome utility helps you build your page in no time with precision and clarity.

More information can be found on its official website:

UI Bootstrap

UI Bootstrap incorporates Bootstrap components written in AngularJS by the AngularUI team. It aims to provide AngularJS directives with the markup and CSS of Bootstrap. It has dependencies on AngularJS and Bootstrap CSS.

More information can be found on its official website at


Kickstrap is a product where AngularJS is baked together with Bootstrap in conjunction with JavaScript Package Manager ( JSPM). You can leverage the advantage of running an authenticated database-driven web application without the native backend. Kickstrap uses Firebase adhering to a Backend as a Service ( BaaS) model.

More information can be found on its official website at


ShoeStrap is an open source WordPress theme based on Bootstrap and HTML5 Boilerplate. Its intuitive and powerful attributes make it one of the most widely-used and powerful WordPress themes built on Bootstrap. You can also customize it using LESS snippets in addition to support from a vibrant community.

More information can be found on its official website at


StrapPress is a toolkit that you can use to incorporate everything you get with Bootstrap, but with a focus on usability for WordPress. It is a responsive WordPress theme packed with a plethora of features that you can use to customize and create your own WordPress site.

More information can be found on its official website at


Summernote is a lightweight yet effective WYSIWYG editor for Bootstrap. Its cross-platform nature, due to which you can integrate it with several backend technologies such as Ruby, PHP, and Python, makes it a handy tool for your projects.

More information can be found on its official website at


As mentioned earlier, the entire suite of third-party resources, plugins, and toolkits can be found on the Start Bootstrap website at

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