AWS – AWS Partner Solutions

In this appendix, you will find a few helpful recipes that feature products that are offered by members of the AWS Partner Network (APN). Partners are a vital part of the overall AWS landscape and in many cases are a big reason to choose AWS over another cloud provider.

We will be covering the following recipes:

  • Creating machine images using Hashicorp’s Packer
  • Monitoring and optimizing your AWS account with nOps
  • Instrumenting your lambda functions with IOPipe

By diving into the AWS partner community and learning about partner products, you will be well-equipped to handle just about any task related to your cloud infrastructure.

You can learn more about the APN here:

Pay special attention to those partners who have achieved an AWS competency designation. These partners have passed a rigorous audit process to make sure their solutions are well-architected, and each of them features multiple public case studies that can be used as a reference to validate their capabilities. You can learn more about the AWS Competency Program here:

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